Split Segment in Management Reporter

Reporting Tree Definitions in Management Reporter provide you with the ability to define your reporting structure according to your organization. Defining the structure is done through the use of companies and dimensions. At times, your structure needs to be modeled more precisely or your chart of accounts may not reflect how you want to report. This is where the Split Segments feature can be beneficial.




Comments (2)

  1. Mike Tassone says:

    Hi April, Thanks for the video. I assume there is a way to combine segments that were not originally split. I also assume it has to be done manually. If so, would you mind demonstrating how it could done?

  2. April Olson says:


    The Combine segments is only for segments that were split in this window.

    If you want to 'combine' segments for reporting purposes you can accomplish it much easier by using wildcards and ranges.

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