Creating Snapshot Reports with Management Reporter

Management Reporter allows you to create wide variety of financial reports. We show examples of many different kinds of reports in our demos that take advantage of the dimension filtering capabilities in Management Reporter. Typically, the row definition contains the main or natural account and the reporting tree definition contains departments or cost centers.  But who says you have to do it that way? This video shows how to use the dimension filtering capabilities in Management Reporter to create snapshot report by defining accounts in the reporting tree and departments in the row definition.


Note: You can use the attached file to create the same report used in this video.



Comments (2)

  1. Carl Kihlgren - says:


    When will Managemnt Reporter come in other languages (ex Swedish)?

    Is it possible to create your own report sections to use when you run the report wizard (naming on the sections and the amount of sections)?

    Best Regards


  2. CharG says:

    Hi Carl,

    Today with Management Reporter, we have translated to several languages, but as you note, Swedish is not offered. We are working to get other languages on our list but don't have a date we can share.

    The report sections used in the wizard are standardized based upon the report you've selected. You can rename them though. The wizard is a great way to create a baseline report to get you started.

    With the main Report Designer, you do have complete freedom to design any report with any sections you need. You even can take a report you've created in the wizard and modify it further in the Designer.

    Thanks for your interest.


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