Benefits of Analytical Accounting reporting for Dynamics GP with MR RU3 -Management Reporter RU3 release preview

With the release of a data mart for Dynamics GP, Management Reports users that report on Analytical Accounting data will experience a more streamlined and effective report design and generation process.

One Dynamics GP company for both General Ledger and Analytical Accounting data access

The first benefit to reporting with the data mart is that users will only see one company, as opposed to two companies with the legacy provider (one for General Ledger and one for Analytical Accounting).

Figure 1: Companies


Enhanced report design and analysis capabilities

This benefit morphs into the greater benefit of enhanced report design and analysis capabilities. When Analytical Accounting data is present, all dimensions are available for the design and drill down process. Note in the screenshot below how you can see both General Ledger dimensions (City, Location, Department, Account and Sub-Account) and Analytical Accounting dimensions (CCTR, PCTR, PROD, and PROJ).

Figure 2: Dimensions

Users can design reports that contain General Ledger segments, Account Category, and Analytical Accounting dimensions or any mix of them, and remain in the same company. This helps users by having visibility into the report components that are already created, allowing you to reuse them and saves time by not jumping back and forth between companies.


Additional filtering capabilities

Another benefit is the ability to further filter reports by the attributes, or properties, of an account value or transaction. All the properties of both the Analytical Accounting and General Ledger transactions are available to create detailed ad-hoc reports.

Figure 3: Attributes

Report on General Ledger and Analytical Accounting budgets

Users will also be able to easily tell the difference between budgets created in Analytical Accounting and budgets created in General Ledger budgeting, and report against both of them in the same company. Analytical Accounting budgets will contain a prefix of AA so that users do not have to worry about duplicate names between Analytical Accounting and General Ledger budgeting.

Figure 4: Book Codes


These features provide the most advanced and powerful reporting you can perform when using Analytical Accounting in Dynamics GP. The following report shows an example of data with all the combination of dimensions on a transaction from the General Ledger and Analytical Accounting. Being able to see this in one report is a powerful analysis tool for reporting.

Figure 5: Report

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