Introduction to the new Management Reporter web viewer — Management Reporter RU3 release preview

With the Management Reporter Web Viewer, users can view a personalized financial report using a web browser without installing any applications. The report can be opened from an intranet site, a SharePoint document library or a network share.


Comments (6)

  1. Matt Paulen says:

    This looks great!  Can't wait to test it out.

  2. Bill Beauchamp, PRMG says:

    Great job to Jill & the team!  It works great, the font is very clean, opening time is fast!

  3. Diana Marks says:

    How does licensing work for the web viewers?

  4. CharG says:

    To use the web viewer, you must be set up as a Management Reporter user (any level). The way you obtain Management Reporter licenses varies by Dynamics ERP but for many Dynamics users, they easily have enough report viewing licenses included with their solution. You will need to check with your Dynamics partner.

  5. Matthew Saxon says:

    When clicking on a link sent by email (sent to myself), the browser opens and it says Management Reporter on the top left.  However, it just says "loading" with a circle progress crawl underneath.  The blue toolbar on the bottom is blank.  Do I need to add a plug-in to the browser?

  6. CharG says:

    You do not need a plug-in. I would recommend you contact Microsoft Support.

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