Currency Translation Update – Management Reporter and Dynamics GP

Businesses need to create a monthly comparative balance sheet.  Therefore, Management Reporter 2012 RU2 allows you to return individual exchange rates for each column of data for General Ledger accounts that use the Current translation type in Dynamics GP.  This allows for comparative balance sheet reporting. 



Exchange Rates:

  •          January 12th – 0.79
  •          January 31st – 0.78
  •          February 14th – 0.78
  •          February 28th - 0.77
  •          March 31st – 0.79


Report Information:

Quarter 1 report:   January, February, and March columns

Report Date:  March 31st 2012



January amounts * 0.78

February amounts * 0.77

March amounts * 0.79


Please note that this calculation is specifically for current amounts, and the rate used for the calculation is based on the rules that are defined in the exchange table setup in Dynamics GP.  If you have questions on how the exchange rate is determined, please see this post. Check back again to hear about the new Average Rate calculations that will be coming in Dynamics GP 2013.


Comments (4)

  1. Erwan Allanic says:

    Thank you for resolving this issue. It was obvioulsy very important to get it handled. Just in time for Q3 close 🙂

  2. If we are upgrading to GP2013 and require currency translation capabilities within MR, can we use the Data Mart integration or do we need to use the Legacy data provider? Thanks, this is always a very informative blog.

  3. CharG says:

    Currency translation is not yet supported with the data mart provider for Dynamics AX and Dynamics GP. There is work in progress on this feature.

    Keep in mind that Dynamics GP customers can use both the legacy provider and the data mart provider simultaneously. We recommend that you use the data mart provider for most reports, in order to have the efficiency, and then use the legacy provider only for the reports that require currency translation.

  4. Jay says:

    CharG – We have Dynamics AX 2012 and using MR 2012. We have an issue printing our balance sheet based on exchange rates 'as of' a certain date/month. it is pulling only the transactional currency and not picking up the exchange rate i.e. rate on July 2013.

    For us to accomplish this, i understand currency translation will be required (which is still not available). For now, do we have to use legacy provider with AX 2012? if yes, is there any supporting documentation how to use these rates on legacy provider? appreciate any help you may have as this issue is very critical for us and being new to MR….


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