New Management Reporter 2012 update available

Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 2 has been posted for download. A rollup release contains both new features as well as service pack bug fixes. Localized versions of this release also are available.

The two primary changes for this release include:

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 – Management Reporter 2012 has been fully tested on the latest version of SQL Server
  • Updates to currency translation for Dynamics GP users – Management Reporter 2012 will return individual exchange rates for each column of data for General Ledger accounts, using the Current or Spot rate translation type in Dynamics GP. This allows for comparative balance sheet reporting.

With this release, we’ve continued to make significant impacts on product quality and performance, including resolving more than 70 bugs.

Please also note that this is the final release for the Dynamics AX 2012 INTFx data provider. Dynamics AX 2012 customers should make plans to transition to the Data Mart provider; you will see improved performance and stability with this Dynamics AX 2012 option.

We expect to keep up a regular release cadence with multiple releases during the year. These updates will be a combination of new features and issue resolution to provide you with ongoing value with your Management Reporter investment.

Comments (12)

  1. Neil Rawlinson says:

    Updated server and clients and can now connect…eventually found the "Update The Management Reporter Database" link in the bottom right-hand corner of the Configuration Console.

  2. Bill Curtis says:

    Is there a list of the release information (i.e., what is included in RU2) that is a separate download or a site that has that information?

  3. SheilaJR says:

    Hello Char,

    I am confused about the differences in MR2012 in comparison to MR 2.1.  I just tried to update to MR2012 from 2.1 and I had to quit and restore my DB.

    One of my problems may be that the client's server is a 2003 Server.  I tried following the instructions in the installation document for Win2003 servers but I really got lost in it and it did not work.  I was able to create a database using the manual deployement method but could not figure out how to use that new database on the server.  What am I missing?


    Sheila Jefferson-Ross

  4. dstrand says:

    I've been looking for the release notes to find out what the 70+ bugs are, but cannot find them anywhere. Do you have a link to those?


  5. David Evans says:

    Is there a list of fixed issues?

    I was particularly interested in #488865

  6. bbucher says:

    RT @SheilaJR,

    I gave up after the hitting the same wall, so I decided to discard the documentation and un-install everthing about MR from the server (but the DB of course) and did a fresh setup directly with the latest RU2 (from last April). It worked fine and detected the old DB to update. I though had a few issues with the new management console to manage the server connections, i.e. you can't have the same company name twice (from two different servers), because then MR starts to lose its head :-). This happened to me in a context of testing with a cloned server, where the GP companies had the same names, but on a different SQL server… I agree that the setup document needs a complete revision.

  7. CharG says:

    Here is a link that lists the fixes in this release:…/en-US

  8. Thanks Char –

    Any idea why the min reqs moved from SQL2005.sp2 to SQL2005.sp4?  

    It appears a new release (2.1.1030.2) was publised on 9/27/2012 that requires SQL2005.sp4 but the info I gave my client 2-wks ago shows SQL2005.sp2.  Just trying to keep up.  Thanks.

  9. CharG says:

    There is a component in SP4 that is required with the latest Management Reporter RollUp so we needed to update the system requirements to ensure that customers realized this.

  10. Jeff says:

    Does this RU 2 have the capability to actually pull in additional data from another source i.e from datawarehouse where i have more information i want to include into a financial report aside from my regular GL in AX?

  11. CharG says:

    To pull in other data, use the Link to Excel Worksheet feature.

  12. Jeff says:

    CharG. Thank you for the info!

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