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With Management Reporter 2012, a feature was added to view reports in XPS.  We have had a few questions on what XPS is and how to get the XPS viewer.

An XPS document is a read only document based on XML.   It retains the look of your original report, and makes it easy to share, print and save reports.  XPS documents are viewed in an XPS viewer.  With Windows 7, the XPS viewer is installed by default.  For earlier versions of Windows, the XPS viewer can be downloaded here for free.

When viewing a report in XPS, you can digitally sign the document, request signatures from other people, and view digital signatures that have already been applied to the document.   Digital signatures make sure that the document was not changed after it was signed.  Permissions can also be set on an XPS document so that no one can view, copy, print, or digitally sign your document without your permission.  Also, you can search the document for a word or phrase, and the search results will appear in the outline pane for easier navigation.  Users can also choose to see a thumbnail view of their reports, from within XPS.   I think that my favorite feature of XPS is the bookmark capability that provides for easier navigation.  With Management Reporter 2012 the various levels of your reporting tree will be displayed as bookmarks, making it very easy to navigate through your report. 


In case you missed it, here's a video on viewing reports in XPS in Management Reporter 2012:

XPS documents are a great way to view your reports in a secure and read-only format!




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