Reporting on Microsoft Forecaster Data in Management Reporter

We all want to report on information from our budgets, and many customers are using Microsoft Forecaster for budgeting and forecasting.

If you’re on Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL or Dynamics AX 2009, you have Microsoft Forecaster Data Transfer tool that will transfer balances from Microsoft Forecaster into the Dynamics ERP so you can report on them in Management Reporter.

If you’re using Dynamics AX 2012 with Microsoft Forecaster, here is way to report on budget information created and maintained in Microsoft Forecaster. This method can also be used with any Dynamics ERP for actual versus budget reporting.

Comments (1)

  1. Noah Moseley says:

    Hi April.

    What are the security requirements in AX2009 in order to allow a user to import balances into AX using the Forecaster Data Transfer Tool?

    Thank you.


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