How can you get Management Reporter 2012?

Hopefully, we’ve told you enough about Management Reporter 2012 that you’re wondering how you can get it!  Let’s break it down for a couple scenarios….

You’re already using Management Reporter V2…

If you’re already using Management Reporter V2, it’s pretty easy to get Management Reporter 2012. You just need to get going with the download; your existing product registration keys will work on Management Reporter 2012, as well.

We recommend that you contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner before installing and that you verify that your environment is compatible. We also recommend you run Management Reporter V2 and Management Reporter 2012 side by a side for a while.

You’re using FRx and ready to move to Management Reporter….

If you’ve been holding off on moving to Management Reporter, you probably have now decided that it’s time to move off FRx.

Registration keys for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics AX

If you’re using Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL or Dynamics AX, the registration keys for Management Reporter have already been added to your Dynamics account and you should be able to look them up on CustomerSource.

Registration keys for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

To obtain registration keys, existing customers, who have an active Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP), should contact their Dynamics NAV partner who can place a no-charge order to add Management Reporter, based upon the number of FRx users that you have. 

The following table shows the number of Management Reporter users you will receive for each FRx user that you have:

FRx Item Name

FRx Qty

Will Get of Management Reporter


FRx Report Designer Users


2 - Management Reporter Designer User


FRx WebPort User


2 - Management Reporter Viewer User


FRx Report Server


1 - Management Reporter Viewer User


FRx Drill Down Viewer


1 - Management Reporter Viewer User


FRx Report Launcher


1 - Management Reporter Viewer User



You should add Management Reporter to your account now, even if you are not yet ready to begin using it. If you are unsure if you have FRx on your account today, you can look it up on your CustomerSource account.

Customers migrating from Microsoft FRx to Management Reporter 2012 will need to install Management Reporter V2 Service Pack 2 first.  See related downloads section of the downloads page for location and instructions for installing Management Reporter Service Pack 2.

The following blog posts have more resources and tips for migrating.

We recommend that you contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner before installing and that you verify that your environment is compatible. We also recommend you run FRx and Management Reporter 2012 side by a side for a while.

You’re new to Management Reporter but ready to get started….

Some of you may have been solving your financial reporting needs with another solution altogether, but now want to implement Management Reporter with your Dynamics solutions.

Contact your partner to determine if you already have Management Reporter registration keys or if you need to purchase them. Most Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL customers will already have registration keys, while most Dynamics AX customers will need to purchase Management Reporter before they can use it.

Then download Management Reporter and start designing your new financial reports.

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  1. E J Sauter says:

    Is there a channel to purchase Management Reporter 2012 standalone where a custom data provider is written to interface to a backend system?

  2. CharG says:

    Hi EJ

    Management Reporter is only offered to customers who use a Dynamics ERP. Sorry

  3. E J Sauter says:

    Thanks for your reply.  What about via Performance Point Server in SharePoint?  I am seeing some references to MR, however, nothing specific.

  4. CharG says:

    Sorry, but it's not available via SharePoint either.

  5. CB says:

    I'm about to buy AX2012 and interested in Management Reporter 2012. Does this require additional licences and what cost do they have?

  6. CharG says:

    Hi CB,

    When you purchase Dynamics AX 2012, Management Reporter will be included.


  7. Andy Mooney says:

    I have downloaded Rollup 2 and so that I can evaluate it have installed it on my VPC as downloaded from Partnersource, when I install managment reporter it asks for the address of the application server, and no matter what I type here I can't get past this stage.

    I can't see in the installation instructions what should be entered here, can you help ?

  8. CharG says:

    @Andy, when installing the Client portion of Management Reporter we do ask for the URL of the Management Reporter Application Service. However, this service is only configured if you have done so via the Configuration Console. If you have not yet configured the Application Service, then just leave the field blank and the Client installation will skip the verification and proceed forward.

  9. M Williams says:

    Is there a manual for Management Reporter for AX2012? The manual from Partner Source is for GP.

    Thank you.

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