What’s new in Management Reporter 2012?

We've been posting videos of the new features in Management Reporter 2012 for a while now, and you can find them on this blog. But, for those of you looking for a simple list of all the new functionality, here it is.

Report Design Flexibility

  • Quickly identify accounts/dimensions that have been omitted from report building blocks
  • Format headers for rolling forecasts
  • Easily save and reuse dimension combinations when designing reports
  • Control how dimension descriptions are formatted and displayed

Financial Report Collaboration

  • Usability enhancements to make Report Groups more discoverable by providing access from the navigation pane
  • Schedule reports to generate on a periodic basis
  • Publish to a read-only (.XPS) report format
  • Publish reports to multiple Microsoft SharePoint® or any network location
  • Publish a personalized Microsoft Excel® (.xlsx) file
  • Personalized and secured view of data for all output types
  • E-mail reports via SharePoint alerts
  • E-mail a link to a report from within the Report Viewer

Interactive Report Viewing

  • Quickly create a chart based upon selected report rows and columns
  • Locate key features in Report Viewer with an enhanced toolbar
  • Jump to key areas of the report for fast analysis
  • Find a key value in a report, such as an account value or description
  • Easily page within a report
  • Attach comments to important rows in a report version
  • Copy comments from one version of a report to another
  • Collaborate on a report by providing a link to the current report and selected row when launching an instant messenger client from within a report

Deeper Dynamics ERP integration

  • Trickle data from Microsoft Dynamics AX  and Microsoft Dynamics NAV into Management Reporter data mart for increased performance
  • Create financial reports based upon data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV General Ledger (only for customers replacing Microsoft FRx)
  • Drill from account and budget balances on a report to related information in Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  • Display or filter on properties of dimensions and transactions to design more precise financial reports.
  • Automatically integrate company information from your Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  • Report on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 budget reservations (pre-encumbrances/encumbrances) based upon budget funds available calculation as defined in budget control configuration
  • Manage all users (both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Management Reporter) from within Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Dynamically align reporting trees with Microsoft Dynamics AX  organizational hierarchies
  • Choose whether to include or exclude budget submodels when using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 budgets


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  1. Scott Hunt, Ping Golf says:

    Is this true for AX 2009 or only AX 2012?  

    "Trickle data from Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV into Management Reporter data mart for increased performance"

  2. CharG says:

    This feature is only for Dynamics AX 2012. We did also make engine-based performance enhancements that should benefit all Management Reporter users.

  3. Scott Hunt says:

    Thanks Char!

  4. Heather Roggeveen says:

    Is it a known issue that the print controls (P>B etc) are not working in column layouts?

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