Configuration Console – Management Reporter 2012 Feature Highlight

Management Reporter 2012 has added several new features to simplify installation and configuration. The Configuration Console provides you additional flexibility in setting up and upgrading Management Reporter. Watch to see some of the new benefits.

Comments (2)

  1. Hi Ryan,

    This is great as startup video to install MR2012, but I was actually expecting to see the configuration of the GP Companies…

    I upgraded an existing DB from MR 2.0 and was very surprised by the new Report Designer that doesn't have a button anymore to create a new connection, nor does it allow to modify the connection settings for an existing link… I then realized that this was shifted towards the new MR console, but then again, no way to add a new company. How do you achieve this in MR 2012 ?

    Thanks for posting the 2nd part of the video :-)…

  2. CharG says:

    You can import Dynamics GP companies using the confirmation console.

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