Organization Hierarchies – Management Reporter 2012 Feature Highlight

Management Reporter 2012 is enabling financial reporting using Organization Hierarchies created in Dynamics AX 2012. As you create organization hierarchies in Dynamics AX, these hierarchies are dynamically created as Reporting Trees in Management Reporter.

Comments (6)

  1. Do Organization Heirarchies that begin with a Company Account from DAT which can include multiple AX companies integrate over to MR?

  2. April Olson says:

    Organization hierarchies do bring over hierarchies with multiple legal entities and Management Reporter brings over all AX companies. Regarding the DAT company, it is a default that holds set up information only and is not brought into Management Reporter.

  3. Suzanne says:

    I created an Organization hierarchy in AX2012 and when I go to MR, and look at the organizational hierarchy, I see the summary line but none of my organization created in AX is brought in MR.  Is this a setup in MR when I do installation? or something else.


  4. Suzanne, the Organization Hierarchies should just come across as the data is integrated from AX. When you say that you see the summary line, where are you seeing this?

    Additionally, if/when you make changes to the Organization Hierarchy, you need to publish them with an Effective Date before those changes will get integrated from AX.

  5. Gerry says:

    A pleasant day. I am new to MSAX and my current task right now is how to create/upload budget into the system. Also need to know the standard report and tools needed to start with. from basic creation to msax finished report – probably a guide format.

    Please assist me what are the basic steps i need to know/do.

    looking forward and thanks

  6. Sushil Sharma says:

    These hierarchies are not visible in reporting unit row in column definition. Let say if I am using organization hierarchy of AX for consolidation in management reporter. I need to define reporting unit in column definition there these default AX org hierarchies not visible and my report is not getting the right data

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