We’re reading and responding to your Management Reporter suggestions — Management Reporter 2012 Feature Highlight

Many of you have been sharing your thoughts on what should go into the next version of Management Reporter by entering suggestions on Connect and voting on those suggestions. We take this feedback to heart, and we’ve been working to get many of those suggestions into Management Reporter 2012.

As a matter of fact, we just counted and when we release Management Reporter 2012, we will deliver features in support of 25 suggestions on the Connect site. These 25 suggestions represent 180+ votes from our customers and partners.

We’ve focused on the core business process outlined in the suggestion, not the exact feature mentioned, which means the suggestion and feature may not exactly match in all cases. For example, for those of you who’ve been asking for PDF, we are providing you an option to print to a Microsoft XPS format. This is a format that provides a read-only option as a report output type that can be viewed with the free XPS viewer that’s installed with Microsoft Windows.

The number one suggestion, with a total of 42 votes, is about how account numbers are displayed. It’s out on Connect in a variety ways, such as ACCT column description enhancement, Account Number Display & Print Out; have GL Accounts displayed without segment descriptions; account number formatting. We are providing an option in the Management Reporter Report Viewer to toggle back and forth between displaying the account/dimension descriptions or not.

Here are some other examples of the suggestions we are delivering on with this release:

So please, keep logging your suggestions and voting. Your votes do make a difference and will continue to drive the features in future Management Reporter releases.

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