Attributes – Management Reporter 2012 Feature Highlight

Attributes are used in Management Reporter for two different purposes, filtering data and for displaying additional information about an account or transaction. In Management Reporter 2012, for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX 2012 customers, we have made it easier to work with attributes in row and column definitions by limiting the drop down lists to only contain the attribute definitions and attribute values that have been used for an account or transaction in the Dynamics ERP system.

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  1. francisco850 says:

    I got an issue displaying attribute customer name. im using it with the row modifier in the row definition filtering by every customer I got in AX (hehe). But when reviewing amounts I got an issue with two customers. one transaction was displaying in Customer 1, but when I checked it it should display in the customer 2. the transaction with the issue was a general ledger with one voucher. the voucher has two lines, Customer 1 at the debit side and customer 2 at the credit side. Management reporter is assigning the two amounts for customer 2 (I think because it assumes there will be one customer per voucher). Has some else got this problems, or thing is there is a hotfix for this issue?

    Thanks in advance

    Francisco Montano

  2. XAVIER PARIS says:

    Hello !


    it don't appear on the possible attribute choice ( management reporter CU10 ) !

    Is there a reason ?

    Thanks you for answer

  3. April Olson says:

    Hello Xavier,

    With CU10 vendor name and customer name are optional attributes that the user needs to opt into by modifying the configuration file. We did this because of performance. The information is in the ReadMe file as stated here:…/management-reporter-2012-cu-10-now-available.aspx

  4. April Olson says:


    If you are using the OneVoucher only, there is not a way for us to differentiate the customers and show multiple customers on one line. That may be why you are only seeing one. If you want to report on some of the data in AX or in Management Reporter, the OneVoucher option would not be recommended.

  5. Matt says:

    Hello there,

    is there any way I can use attribute or add one that will show me value of all corrective transaction on specific GL account (I mean trasaction that are posted on the debit side with minus such as -10000 euro)?

    Best regards,


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