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For about a month now, we’ve been posting videos of the new features coming in Management Reporter 2012. Our focus has been how using these new features will allow you to be more productive when you’re designing and generating financial reports.

Here’s a sampling of some of what we’ve shared so far:

We’re not done yet, but we’re wondering what you think? Have you seen a preview of a feature that you really like? Could you take a few minutes to tell us today by commenting on this post? We’d love to hear what  excites you about Management Reporter 2012!

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  1. Kanti Mistry says:

    Very excited about the new version, when can I have download of the software?

  2. Robert O'Donnell says:

    All these new features are nice but have you fix the performance issues which plague MR 2 when compared to FRx 6.7? There are issues when doing multicompany reporting? Especially with complicated reporting trees?  Also, have you fixed the problems with large numbers of budgets and/or AA codes?

  3. mgomezb says:


    Will you be able to export the MR reports to Excel, maintaining the formulas behind calculations?

  4. Greg H says:

    Hello,  Is there an estimated release date for this?  If so, will it be compatable to GP2010 or will it only work with GP2012 or 13 or whatever it may be.

  5. Bob K says:

    Currently we are experiencing very slow performance on MR 2 at a client site. We are very eager to test MR 2012 using the data mart funtionality.  Also, the drill down to AX is a great feature as well as the scheduling piece.  One question I have and hopefully it will be addressed in 2012 in the column format when using ACCT (Account code) it prints like this: "+MainAccount = "  Clients just want to see their GL account number not the +MainAccount = Will this be corrected?

  6. Gregory Field says:

    I am a current FRx report user, with companies in Europe reporting in Euros, South Africa reporting in Rand, USA reporting in US dollars and a parent company in Canada reporting in Canadian dollars.  I presently run a coonsolidation using foreign exchange in FRx, but have been unable to determine how do to a consolidation using MR.  I have converted each company to MR and the report works fine, I had to switch how I get the budget information though as I bring it from Forecaster in FRx.

    What do i have to do to do consolidated statements when the individual ocmpanies are in other currencies?  The MR product sems to work well, but without a solution to this I have to look for a new reporting module.

  7. CharG says:

    Thanks for all the comments so far on the new Management Reporter 2012 features. We are improving performance across the board in this release. We’ll be interested in hearing what changes you see, after you implement it. In our testing, we’ve improved performance in many areas in the product.  

    We added a lot of new features, as you are all seeing, but we didn’t change the Excel calculations yet.  You can vote on this feature on Microsoft Connect to ensure we are seeing how many of you are waiting for it. We use the Connect site to help us prioritize all new features. Here’s more info on how to vote for features:…/influence-financial-reporting-and-budgeting-features.aspx

    As for release date, we are working towards a release in Q1 of this year, so you won’t need to wait much longer. It will support all four Dynamics ERPs.

    As for the way accounts print on reports, we have an update on that one in this release. Here’s a link to the feature overview video that shows you the change that’s coming:…/viewing-dimension-codes-and-descriptions-management-reporter-2012-feature-highlight.aspx

    We’ve also posted information on this blog on how to do consolidations and currency translations in Management Reporter. Management Reporter supports this today, just like FRx, it’s just implemented in a different way. The link to currency translation info is here:…/management-reporter-currency-translation-with-microsoft-dynamics-gp-2010.aspx

    Great to see all the comments!

  8. Sandeep says:

    Hi Char – Do you know if the below will be implemented? We have been wanting to use MR from the time it came out, but until the folling is addressed, we will continue to be on FRx.…/mr-should-allow-each-column-to-have-its-own-current-rate



  9. Denni Conner says:

    Interesting how you only put basically positive comments on this site.  Please email me if you get a chance:  I have an upset customer that is being brave by switching from FRx to MR.  She is not happy.  I want to prevent that happening with other customers.  Can you please email me when the new release comes out?


  10. Jack Boyer says:

    The prompt answers to many of these questions, which our group had also, was very nice Char.  

    Our main issue is the performance as well.  We stopped upgrading clients from FRx to MR but are getting new clients into MR since they are not stepping back speed wise in almost all cases-rather just picking up functionality.  

    Jack Boyer

  11. Tim Pollak says:

    With the new drill down into Dynamics…2 questions…(1) do you need to have Dynamics running prior to drill down and (2) does the drill down depend on your security level in Dynamics?

  12. So far, like what I am seeing.  Finally we have a true "Missing Account Analysis".  I like that we have given the ability to drill down into the transactions, but are we going to be able to print that detail on our reports like we previously did in FRx.  I know that long ago in FRx we could also drill in and eventually we were able to bring that detail into our reports, is this planned to happen as well.  And not everyone is using SharePoint.  Great Plains' install of Sharepoint is a disaster for companies that already have Sharepoint sites up and working, it adds a lot of garbage or can we just use a page that is already setup on our SharePoint site?

  13. Sheila O. says:

    I really like the features on Report Scheduling and on the Drill Back to Dynamics GP.  

    I am concerned still on how the account numbers will be displayed though.  I have seen how we can get the account numbers on the reports, however i really hope that when the reports are generated the account numbers look like the GL with the dashes between segments and NOT those brackets.

    These highlight posts are great! Thank you!


  14. CharG says:

    We have updated the account numbers feature to use dashes instead of brackets.

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