Drill to Dynamics AX 2012 – Management Reporter 2012 Feature Highlight

Drilling between the financial, account and transaction layers within a report in Management Reporter is one of customer’s favorite features. Customers love to be able to drill directly into an account and see the transactions that are making up the balance. At times though, it is nice to get to the source of the data in Dynamics AX. This seamless integration with Dynamics AX provides users with the ability to stay within a report or drill to Dynamics AX so they can take action within a single click.


Comments (2)

  1. TRR says:

    I can see that the version of the viewer is an upgrade from the current version we are using. Where can we download the new viewer with this option to drill to AX? I've searched partnersource but can't see anything. Thanks!

  2. CharG says:


    This is the new Report Viewer that is due out later in Q1. We are posting these videos so you can start to see what is coming. We'll post an announcement on this blog when the new release is available for download. Glad to hear you like this feature and will be able to use it.


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