Financial Reporting Data Mart – Management Reporter 2012 Feature Highlight

Management Reporter 2012 is introducing architectural changes that will positively impact Dynamics AX 2012 and NAV customers. Existing Dynamics AX 2012 customers will have the option to choose either the traditional provider method currently released, or the new data mart as their data provider.

This feature will use the existing Management Reporter server and client to connect to a data mart that holds the necessary financial data needed for financial reporting. This data mart uses a trickle method to continuously move data from Dynamics to the data mart.

This blog covers some of the most common questions you may have about this new Management Reporter option.

Q. Why did the Management Reporter team offer a new technology?

A. For many reasons! First, it allows us to provide a database and technology that is optimized for financial reporting. Additionally, by using our own data mart, we are not taxing the Dynamics ERP system. Finally, it sets the system up for great integration enhancements.

Q. What integration enhancements do I benefit from this new technology?

A. First off, when you set up the system, you eliminate dual company setup. Management Reporter reads the company description and name from Microsoft Dynamics. Second, you will have the ability to drill back to actual and budget data. Dynamics AX 2012 customers also receive additional integration points that are not available in the current release. Stay tuned for additional blogs on budget reservations, user and role integration, and organization hierarchies!

Q. Should I be nervous that this is a new technology?

A. It’s not new! The technology has been in use with Dynamics Connector - integrating Microsoft CRM and Dynamics for 2 ½ years. The existing technology is being introduced to Management Reporter to take advantage of the many benefits it offers.

Q. What is a trickle method? Should I expect to wait hours to see my financial data refresh?

A. No, the trickle method looks for new data based upon a schedule. For example, if you have a transaction map that runs every 45 seconds, the data mart would be up to date after the new transactions move from the ERP to the data mart every 45 seconds. This is faster than it would take you to sign in, find the report you want and click Generate!

Q. Will I see faster report generation wit this data mart?

A. Yes, although each report and environment is unique, the data mart is optimized for financial reporting. So, based upon proper report design, you should see a faster, more seamless report generation time.

By now, we hope you are excited as we are about this new offering for Management Reporter 2012. Closer to release, check out our Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Installs and Service Packs Overview page for links to the installation documentation.

Comments (12)

  1. Steve Wales says:

    Maybe I missed it above, but will this feature be available for Dynamics GP?

  2. CharG says:

    Steve, Offering a data mart is on our roadmap, but for this initial release, we'll just support Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics NAV

    Thanks for the inquiry

  3. Karen Constant says:

    Will New Customers of AX have a choice or only existing customer of MR?

  4. April Olson says:

    Customers will have the choice, but I think when they see the many options and benefits, most will go with the new architecture.

  5. Charles Allen says:

    I second the motion for GP.  

  6. Lee Woodward says:

    Once I've installed Management Reporter how can I go back and make adjustments to the data mart configuration, such as how often the integration runs?

  7. April Olson says:


    Support should be able to assist you with the time of the mappings.

  8. Soun Yamada says:

    >"Will I see faster report generation wit this data mart?"

    I like your bold choice of hiphop vernacular 'wit' instead of 'with'. It's this kind of approach which will engage the younger generation of data miners.

  9. CharG says:

    Using the data mart, customers are seeing faster report generation.

  10. Allen Joseph says:

    Is there any way to customize the data mart for MR?

    Reason: There are few custom fields in GL transaction tables that need to be reported on.

    Any comments on this is appreciated.

  11. Thomas S says:


    where is the Delete option to delete Dynamics GP Companies from Management Reporter?

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