Distributing reports to multiple locations – Management Reporter 2012 Feature Highlight

The majority of companies need to distribute financial reports to multiple places. These places could be either SharePoint locations or network shares. There are also times when a single location is needed as well. During month end close, for example, when reports are being generated multiple times and aren’t quite ready for companywide review.

Management Reporter 2012 covers both of these scenarios. In Management Reporter 2012, you can specify either a single Report Library location or multiple Report Library locations, as well as multiple network or SharePoint locations.  




Comments (2)

  1. Earl Hunt says:

    I am able to generate an .aspx file to Sharepoint for a report to a shared library, but when I click the report file, I get a blank screen.

  2. CharG says:

    You most likely have not enabled the link to document type.In SharePoint settings for a document library open the advanced settings and say Yes to allow management of content types. Under content types add from existing site content types and add link to a document

    Then republish the report to SharePoint.

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