Preparing to migrate – a tip for cleaning up building blocks in Microsoft FRx

The Corporate Performance Management team had a great time last week presenting Management Reporter and Microsoft Forecaster at the Dynamics Communities User Groups in Las Vegas. As everyone prepares to migrate to Management Reporter from FRx, we thought we would share a tip to help streamline the process.

First, check out the blog Management Reporter – Migrating from Microsoft FRx to see the top resolutions for common issues with migration and a list of the migration resources.

As your read the migration guide and knowledge base articles, you will notice that it is highly recommended, multiple times, to delete any building blocks that you no longer use, or that are not tied to a catalog. Well here is a tip to help you get started!

Tip: Always back up the Sysdata folder before cleaning up the building blocks.

Microsoft FRx has a Print List that lists all the names, descriptions, companies, row formats, column layouts, reporting trees, modified dates, modified by, date generated and generated by. Verify you are on SP10 of FRx for this functionality. This list will help you determine:

  • ·         When the last time a report was used and if it is necessary to migrate.
  • ·         If a building block is associated with a catalog. This is one of the tips in the knowledge base article!
  • ·         What company is being used. If it’s a demo company or company you don’t use anymore, no sense migrating it.
  • ·         Who was the last person to modify and generate it so you can talk to this person to see if the report is still relevant.
  • ·         Whether you have duplicate names or with leading spaces – another tip mentioned in the knowledge base article.

The Print List can be accessed by clicking Catalogs > Print List.


Cleaning up old, irrelevant building blocks and companies is the number one step to a successful migration. So start by using the FRx Print List to jump start the process!

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