Management Reporter – Changing your password for saved credentials

When logging in to a company in Management Reporter, you have the option to save your login credentials. These credentials are then used each time you launch Management Reporter instead of having to enter a username and password.                                           

But, what happens if your password changes? How do you change the credentials to be used for a company?

It’s easy! 

In Management Reporter, go to Company | Companies.


Next, click on Credentials. Now, you can enter a different username and/or password for the company.


Management Reporter will use the new information you've provided to log into your company.  

Comments (2)

  1. kt says:

    The Credentials button does not exist in our version of Management Reporter…?

  2. Gustavo Lucas says:

    I have the problem when I changed the password in the domain  don't permit connect and can't change credentials because the credentials are saved.

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