Management Reporter – Migrating from Microsoft FRx

You’ve installed Management Reporter; you’re ready to take the plunge…now what?

  • Play around in Management Reporter
    • Get a feel for it and see how your reports will migrate. You might decide based on the new dimension structure that some of your reports could be redesigned.
  • Download and install the migration wizard and documentation
    • The documentation contains great information on how to install as well as what to look for when migrating.
  • Analyze existing specification sets and companies in Microsoft FRx
    • Migration is a great time to clean house. Look closely at rows, columns, trees and catalogs in your spec sets today. Do you need all of them? Are they all used?  Make sure the data you migrate is the data you want to use moving forward.
  • Identify server names and file locations
    • You’ll need the Management Reporter server as well as the location of your FRx sys data.  Make note of these locations so you’re not hunting them down while you have the wizard open.

 Top 5 Support Calls and Solutions



I got an error about a G32 file not being found


Set all companies you want to migrate as default in Microsoft FRx. Remove any companies that are not currently being used.

Some of my rows didn’t migrate

Verify all rows are tied to a Catalog. If not, create a catalog and associate the row.

I received an error during migration about building blocks with the same name

Remove any spaces at the beginning of building block names in Microsoft FRx.

My building block groups in Management Reporter have invalid reports 

Remove any building blocks that aren’t being used.  Remove any *.F32 files from your SysData that you don’t want to migrate.

Management Reporter has a lot of building blocks that I don’t use anymore

Remove any building blocks that aren’t being used.  Remove any *.F32 files from your SysData that you don’t want to migrate.

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  1. Issue - no dimensions to map says:

    I'm in the middle of the migration wizard and after I map my companies I am asked to map my FD to my FRx segments.  I click on the company & then click the Map button but when the screen opens there is nothing for me to map.  I cannot move any further because I must complete the process for the migration to continue.

    I have gone through all the prep work prior to running this migration and cannot find any reasons why this would be happening.

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