Looking for training on Management Reporter?

Are you ready to get going with Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP? How about some training? If you’re looking for online training on Management Reporter, we have a couple options for you.

If you want to take an e-learning class, one is availble for Management Reporter. You can find it here.  E-learning is a guided online training class that will help you learn all about how to use Management Reporter.

First, if you are interested  in downloading training materials on Management Reporter, check out “Report Design in Management Reporter 2.0 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP” (Course Number 80255). You can use these training materials to go through the course at your own pace. In this course, you will:

·         Design basic report building blocks in Report Designer including:

o   Row definitions

o   Column definitions

o   Reporting tree definitions

·         Associate the building blocks in a variety of report definitions including:

o   Trial Balance reports

o   Income Statements

o   Variance reports

o   Balance Sheets

o   Statements of Cash Flow

o   Consolidation reports

·         Discover the power and flexibility of reporting trees to present financial results at the responsibility level (i.e. by dimensions)

·         Apply worksheet linking to report on data maintained in Microsoft Office Excel

·         Use report output and distribution options including Report Viewer

·         Implement security including customized roles, groups, and users

·         Use the Report Wizard to create reports

For those of you just looking to learn the latest about Management Reporter, check out “What’s New in Management Reporter 2.0 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP” (Snack Number LS00172). This Learning Snack provides an overview of the architecture, features, and benefits found in Management Reporter and how it differs from Microsoft FRx. It addresses the Report Viewer and Report Library, as well as the new features in the Report Designer.

A great first step in ensuring success with Management Reporter is getting the right training as a basis. Good luck!

Comments (5)

  1. Pat Miltz says:

    I am looking for on-line training for Management Reporter for ERP.  Any suggestions?


    Pat Miltz

  2. Noah Moseley says:

    We at MSX Group offer online or onsite training classes. Email us at training@msxgroup.com or see our website for details.

    Webpage listing our opcoming classes:  http://msxgroup.com/register/  


  3. AonC1 says:

    I'm not able to find Management Reporter training in the eLearning catalog that we can point our clients who are on maintenance plans to.  Most of our clients are on GP and are migrating from FRx.  The "here" link above returns a "Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable." message.  (I also searched the eLearning catalog with no success other than one AX specific course.)

  4. Ryan says:

    This material has been removed. Updated training is here –


    See the newer post for more info.


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