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I've been getting a lot of questions lately about when Management Reporter is going to work with AA. The answer is NOW! When Management Reporter released back in May with GP 2010, AA functionality was included.

You might be asking yourself what AA is and how it can benefit your company.  AA is the acronym for Analytical Accounting.  AA is offered as an additional module with Dynamics GP.  It provides the ability to extend General Ledger tracking and reporting capabilities, but without adding complexity to your GL. (Woo hoo!)   AA allows you to define an unlimited number of dimensions and codes, and also allows the end user to define the format of the dimensions.  For example a user may choose to have a dimension that is alpha numeric for tracking an event, but may also have another dimension that is formatted as a date to track a project status.  This gives a company the ability to track information that wouldn't be considered standard GL data, but yet is important to its business.



So, how does it work? (Answer:  Very Easily!!) When creating a company in Management Reporter, there is an option in the company wizard to specify if you are using AA with GP. 


 When the option highlighted above is selected, the AA dimensions are available when building reports.  A user can select the AA dimensions within the Row, Column and Tree. 

When adding the AA dimension to the row, the user simply clicks on the 'Link to Financial Dimensions' column.  The AA dimensions that have been configured in GP will be available for selection. 


 This allows the user to restrict report content to specific dimensions and create a report that is specific to their business needs.   Because the AA dimensions and codes are user defined, the reporting capabilities are endless.  Revenues and Costs can be grouped according to project, customer, item or whatever criteria are important to your business.  The use of AA dimensions in combination with MR, creates a robust reporting package that is flexible AND easy to use...sometimes a rare combination in reporting!!


Comments (2)

  1. Constance Quigley says:

    I recently installed Mgmt Reporter 2012 for a new customer and have not been able to find the checkbox you mention in creating a company. I cannot figure out how to link to analytical accounting codes at all in this version. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

  2. CharG says:

    The model for how companies are set up has changed with Management Reporter 2012. Please refer to the latest documentation, which you can find here:…/details.aspx  

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