Management Reporter: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

A couple of months ago I did a post on Using Dimensions in Management Reporter.  It’s a very cool feature and for those of you that use FRx and AX 2009 it’s a huge step forward. 

With the pre-release of the AX 2009 integration coming up later this summer, I’d like to give a bit more information on how Management Reporter is going to work with AX 2009.

Connecting to AX 2009

The AX 2009 client and .NET Business Connector must be installed and configured to support Management Reporter.  They have to be present on the machine(s) running the Management Reporter application and process services.

Management Reporter uses the .NET Business Connector through the Application Object Server (AOS) for building reports (rows, columns, and trees) and then uses a direct SQL connection for report generation (this does require a SQL role with select permissions on a sub-set of tables).

AX 2009 Features and Attributes


When building reports, users can utilize Totaling Accounts and Dimension Hierarchies that have been defined in AX 2009 in Management Reporter.  Also, for those that use FRx with AX 2009, dimensions no longer need to be posted to in order to be available for selection in Management Reporter.


Additional account and transaction information can be included in Management Reporter by selecting attributes.  Below is a list of the available attributes.

·         Voucher

·         Document Number

·         Transaction Type

·         Further Posting

·         Currency Code

·         Posting Layer

·         Journal Number

·         Budget Model

·         Quantity

·         Ledger Closing

·         Posting

·         Company Group Account Name

·         Payment Reference

·         Account Type

·         Document Date

·         Account Category



Have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!


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  1. amer-ax says:


    I'm trying to install Management Reporter for Dynamics AX. I'm stuck in finding Data Provider for Dynamics AX, I cannot find it even on PartnerSource.

    Could you please tell where I can find it?

    Thank you,,,


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