Installing the Management Reporter Server

One of the significant enhancements to Management Reporter is support for a multi-tiered architecture.  In Management Reporter, the client, server, and database can all reside on separate physical machines.  The Management Reporter server is comprised of two components: the application service and the process service.  The application service handles authentication and access to data within Management Reporter, whereas the process service generates reports which are created and queued by the Management Reporter clients.

The following post will provide a walkthrough of installing and configuring the Management Reporter server.  With my configuration, I ended up with 12 steps total.  Depending on the options selected during install, you may have more or less.

Step 1 License Terms

Pretty straightforward must agree to the license terms.

Step 2 Customize Installation

You can select to install just the application service, just the process service, or both services simultaneously.  If the application service is selected, you will also have the option of installing the Management Reporter database.

Step 3 Configure Service Account

You must specify the account under which the services will run.  In my example, I simply used my own domain account, although you may prefer to use a different account.  If you enter a specific account, you will have to provide the password for that domain account.


Step 4 Select New or Existing Database

Since I am installing the application service, I must either create a new database or connect to an existing database.  For this example, I will create a new database.

Step 5 Create Database

If you decide to create the database, you will have to specify the database server and authentication method to be used to create the database.

Step 6 Configure Database Master Key

The installation will require you to enter a password which will be used to encrypt sensitive data in the SQL Server database.  Do not lose or forget this password.

Step 7 Configure Database Connection

The next step configures how the Mangement Reporter services will access the Management Reporter database.

Step 8 Specify Management Reporter Administrator

During the install, one administrator user will be created for Management Reporter.  Specify the user who will be the first administrator.  This user will then be able to add additional users after the application installed.

Step 9 Configure Application Service

The application service runs within IIS, therefore it needs to be configured to use a port number.  The default port is 4712.  To change this, enter a different port number.  The Management Reporter installation can optionally open the firewall for this port.

Step 10 Ready to Install

Once all of the steps have been completed, click "Install".

Step 11 Installing Management Reporter

The installation will communicate progress and may take longer if the database is being installed.

Step 12 Application Service and Process Service are installed

After the server installation completes, you will be able to verify the application service and process service have both been installed.  In the Server Manager, navigate to the sites under IIS and you should be able to find Management Reporter.  Selecting the option titled "Application Pool" will also show a Management Reporter application pool.

In the Services window, there will now be a new service titled "Management Reporter Process Service".

Comments (8)

  1. says:

    Have followed the instructions and installed.

    Also installed a client on a workstation.

    Eorr message ''Cannot connect to the Maangement Reporter server'

    Prompted to enter details, but still fails on connection.

  2. Santosh says:

    This is great article. Step by step process described.

    Great !!


  3. says:

    I downloaded

    However I am getting an error message during installation. The error relates to where the installater cannot "validate" the windows users. The error message appears right after step 8 – but before step 9.

    The error message: Management Reporter Setup ended prematurely.

    And here it the log file.  (It appears that it is not able validate the user suppied in step 8)

    It is stand alone windows 2003 standard server setup as a WorkGroup.

    ***************here is part of the log****************************

    Action 15:38:48: AdminUserDialog. Dialog created

    Action 15:38:57: ValidateWindowsUser.

    Action start 15:38:57: ValidateWindowsUser.

    MSI (c) (EC!6C) [15:38:58:531]: Product: Microsoft Dynamics ERP Management Reporter Server — ValidateWindowsUser threw an exception: System.ArgumentException: The supplied context type does not match the server contacted. The server type is ApplicationDirectory.

      at System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.PrincipalContext.DoServerVerifyAndPropRetrieval()

      at System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.PrincipalContext..ctor(ContextType contextType, String name, String container, ContextOptions options, String userName, String password)

      at System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.PrincipalContext..ctor(ContextType contextType, String name)

      at Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Install.CA.WindowsUserActions.ValidateWindowsUser(Session session)

    Action ended 15:38:58: ValidateWindowsUser. Return value 3.

    DEBUG: Error 2896:  Executing action ValidateWindowsUser failed.

    The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2896. The arguments are: ValidateWindowsUser, ,

    Action ended 15:38:58: WelcomeEulaDialog. Return value 3.

    Action 15:38:58: FatalErrorDialog.

    Action start 15:38:58: FatalErrorDialog.

  4. RSF says:


    I got the same error so in my VPC, i set up my own domain and it fixed it. but now my issue is that the Management Reporter site doesn't work! this MR gives me a headache.

  5. JB says:

    Same issue here, followed installation to the T. Everything is installed on the server and can access the site contents.

    But when installing the client, it gets the error that it can't connect to the server. Back to FRx, at least it works.

  6. Charles Siele says:

    As i was going around looking for steps on how to install Mngt reporter i got this great article.

    My question is,is it a must for your machine to in domain environment for you to install?

    I want to install in a stand alone machine,ionly have one account;administrator. I can't go beyond step number 8 as shown above. i would appreciate your help on this.


  7. hi says:

    I managed to install eventually,using DCPROMO command helped me a great deal.

  8. Mohammad Shahnawaz says:


    Management Reporter installation is done successfully, while i am going to configure the reporter it is having error.

    Management Reporter process can't configure.. what are the possible configuration please publish here.

    Thanking you

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