FRx 6.7 to Management Reporter Migration

With the Beta for Management Reporter right around the corner, we can now begin a series of feature related postings.  Since many of the new Management Reporter users will be coming from FRx, we’ll start with walking through the FRx migration to Management Reporter. First off, the migration is a separate application which exists outside of…


Announcing Management Reporter Beta

Today we are excited to announce the upcoming beta release of Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP!  This beta release is scheduled for January 2010 and will coincide with the beta release for GP “11”.  Our team is actively seeking Microsoft Dynamics GP users to participate in this beta release.  Users will be able to experience…


FRx 6.7 SP11

Work is underway for FRx SP11.  SP11 will include the following:   ·         Support for Windows 7 ·         Support for Windows Server 2008 ·         Support for SQL Server 2008 in the source system   This service pack for FRx 6.7 is scheduled to release by the end of the year. 


Dynamics CPM roadmap featured in Directions on Microsoft!

In June, Directions on Microsoft added a new roadmap covering Management Reporter, FRx, Forecaster, and Enterprise Reporting.  The content they published outlines information shared at Convergence earlier this year.  We’ll be communicating more on the roadmap soon, but this is a good source for immediate content.  It’s great to see some coverage of the Dynamics…


Introduction to Management Reporter

This will be the last post in our series of product introductions.  Today we’ll provide a brief intro to Management Reporter. Management Reporter Management Reporter is a new report writer designed to help finance groups create and generate financial statements.  It was written entirely in C# using SQL Server as the back end for data…


Introduction to Enterprise Reporting

Today’s post will be a brief introduction to Enterprise Reporting from another one of our program managers, Keith Stratman.   Microsoft Enterprise Reporting   Enterprise Reporting is a complete corporate performance management system that enables organizations to accomplish the key scenario areas of financial reporting, consolidations, planning, budgeting, and forecasting, and ad-hoc reporting and analysis. …


Introduction to FRx and Forecaster

The next three posts will be quick introductions to the products our team owns.  There are four products in total: Microsoft FRx, Microsoft Forecaster, Enterprise Reporting, and Management Reporter.  We’ll start with FRx and Forecaster since these are the products our team has owned the longest.  Microsoft FRx FRx focuses on financial reporting for small…


Welcome to Dynamics CPM!

Right now you are probably asking yourself, “What is Dynamics CPM?”.  CPM stands for Corporate Performance Management.  It is a business intelligence capability area that covers the scenarios of Financial Reporting, Planning/Budgeting/Forecasting, and Consolidations. Currently, CPM within Microsoft Dynamics is made up of a variety of different assets.  These include FRx, Forecaster, Enterprise Reporting, Excel,…