Segmentation with Dynamics CRM

What and why? Segmentation of customers and prospects covers the discipline of dividing the bulk into various groups with similar characteristics and hence assumingly similar needs. This can be based on areas such as: demographics incl. age, gender, location, employment (for B2C) or type of business (for B2B) psychographics incl. values and personality timing incl….


Dynamics CRM Performance Optimization II. (Anamnesis)

Dynamics CRM Performance Optimization Blog Series Introduction Anamnesis Diagnosis Therapy Control Examination Anamnesis As I explained in the previous post, the purpose of the “Anamnesis” phase of a Dynamics CRM performance optimization engagement is to understand the essence of the performance complaints. Based on a detailed understanding we can follow with the right diagnosis of…


Dynamics CRM Performance Optimization I. (Introduction)

A good performance of a Dynamics CRM solution is one of the key success factors of a successful implementation. Well, I assume no one will argue with this statement, but what does it exactly mean a good performance of a Dynamics CRM solution and how to optimize a solution which is supposed to perform poorly?…


Building Dynamics CRM Applications for Windows 8 – Practical Approaches

Introduction We are living in the age of “apps”. A quick search on internet will show that there are close to 15,000 apps registered in Windows 8 marketplace while Android is sprinting ahead with approximately 600,000 aps and Apple will reach record 1 million anytime now. We have huge opportunity in this space. The Microsoft…