Segmentation with Dynamics CRM

What and why? Segmentation of customers and prospects covers the discipline of dividing the bulk into various groups with similar characteristics and hence assumingly similar needs. This can be based on areas such as: demographics incl. age, gender, location, employment (for B2C) or type of business (for B2B) psychographics incl. values and personality timing incl….


Show Members Sub Grid on Marketing List Form in Dynamics CRM 2011

In one of my recent engagement, my customer asked us to show members sub grid on the marketing list form. In out of box implementation, one has to click on links to see marketing list members and it also demands navigating out of marketing list form. There were many challenges in configuring this sub-grid on…

Simple “Publish-Subscribe” integration with Dynamics CRM using Azure Service Bus Topics/Subscriptions

Implementation of “publish-subscribe” based integration where Dynamics CRM acts as publisher is very common. In this article, I will talk about how “Azure Service Bus Topics/Subscriptions” can be used with Dynamics CRM to create a “publish-subscribe” based integration. I will not talk about “Azure Service Bus Topics/Subscriptions” in detail but focus more on usage scenario…


Using Windows Azure Blob Storage with Dynamics CRM

In this article we are going to talk how Windows Azure Blob Storage can be used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Business Scenario In many of the CRM implementations, we come across requirement where certain documents are required to be linked with records such as accounts, contacts, cases, activities etc. For example – Insurance and Telco…