December Cumulative Update for SharePoint has released

On the SharePoint team blog, you can find a more detailed post announcing the release of the December CU and providing detail on a new package that we are shipping from this point forward: While the packages are physically large, they do include everything.  It doesn’t hurt you if you don’t have something installed,…

August Cumulative Update guidance provided

The SharePoint Product Group has provided us with some further guidance on what is currently needed to build a server up so that it is running the most up-to-date code.  To get the details, read:


Patching Presentation video is now available for download

We got the video of my patching presentation posted from the SharePoint 2008 conference.  There truely is a lot of great information here, and this download will be referenced from many Microsoft locations as a must see when it comes to patching SharePoint. Here are the links:   News Story –   Download Link -…


Patching presentation from SPC2008

I have gotten a few requests for the Patching presentation that was done at SPC2008.  You can log in with your MySPC account if you were an attendee and get access to all of the powerpoint files, if you have need for them before the DVD.  If you specifically need the patching one, I annotated…


Hope to see you at the SharePoint Conference 2008

I will be at the SharePoint Conference to present a session Tuesday morning (9am session) called:         Microsoft Product Support’s look at understanding and deploying hotfixes, public updates, and Service Packs for WSS and MOSSHere is the session abstract: Inevitably you will have to deploy a patch within your SharePoint environment.  This may come in the form of…