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Some of you may have noticed that in August my title changed to Senior Escalation Engineer.  As I look back over the past four years as an Escalation Engineer for SharePoint, I can't say that I disagree... I certainly am old enough in this product to start getting some discounts at lunch :).  More seriously though, it is an honor to get this kind of title, and I wanted to point out a few other folks out in the blogosphere from my team that you may also know who also earned this distinction:
     Steve Sheppard (author of the WebDav whitepaper and the fantastic series on overlapped recycling configuration of SharePoint)
     Mike McIntyre (creator and maintainer of the SPSReports tool that so many of us use to get information about our environments)

There certainly are other quality engineers who I would love to mention here, but as of yet--do not have a presense in the blog-o-sphere, so I'll keep them anonymous at this point.  None-the-less, know that with this new title comes some interesting responsibilities where we are enabled to make changes internally in a number of different areas that not only effect SharePoint, but other products as well.  So, exciting times, and congrats to Steve and Mike! 

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  1. MikeW2 says:

    >a few other folks out in the blogosphere from my team >that you may also know who also earned this >distinction

    Out in the blogosphere is an interesting way of putting it.

    Mike McIntyre didn’t get his Senior Escalation Engineer status for the number of his blogs, that for sure.

    A total of FOUR in two full years might means he’s out there in the blogosphere but he’s hardly active.

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