Patching Presentation video is now available for download

We got the video of my patching presentation posted from the SharePoint 2008 conference.  There truely is a lot of great information here, and this download will be referenced from many Microsoft locations as a must see when it comes to patching SharePoint.

Here are the links:

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  1. nbird says:

    Thanks, this was a great presentation. Can you clarify how / why hotfix number 941422 was reused as the Post Service Pack 1 Rollup? Does this rollup now include the DST patch?  What if we ‘only’ want the DST and not the others?



  2. nbird says:

    You can disregard my previous post as I now realize we do need the whole rollup.

    I have one other question, that I didn’t see in your presentation.  Should all the servers in my farm be at the same version when I look at CentAdmin > Ops > Servers in Farm? Most of the documentation I am seeing says that all ‘web servers’ have to be, and I was reading that as WFE’s. The WSS 3.0 site we are having issue with has an older version number on the Database server.  Do we need to upgrade it somehow?



  3. As a point of clarification, when we did SP1 (as we had done with Service Packs in the past for SPS2003 and other Office products), we went into a time period we refer to as "SPLock".  It is what it sounds like, a code lockdown.  The point of the SPLock is to freeze the Service Pack (stop making new codechanges) to reach a higher level of stability.  For this particular Service Pack (Office 2007 SP1), it was decided to use the same KB article for all items worked out outside of the Service Pack while it was in lockdown.  The idea was to then roll them all together into a Post ServicePack rollup, and release them all at once after the Service Pack shipped (there of course were also a number of other attractive internal reasons for doing this as well).  Obviously, this caused quite a bit of confusion to our customers, and perhaps caused our customers more problems then it helped them.  Needless to say, lesson learned, and I would not expect to see that kind of thing happen again in this way.

    With regards to the Servers in Farm version–that is essentially mapping back to your Versions Table, which is a reflection of what version OWSSVR.DLL was the last time the configuration wizard (or psconfig) ran.  This also would match site settings for the central admin site.  There was a bug in RTM where the services on server version number was not accurate–but that was fixed in SP1.  The true answer to your question is that you should take a look at all of your content databases.  In the Versions table, there’s a Version column.  You’ll see a number of rows, so pick the row that has the highest number in the ID column.  That is the version of that content database.  Take an inventory of all of your content databases, if they are all the same and match what is in site settings, you are fine.

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