Updated templateID Info for SharePoint 2007

v3 has some different template info, and as I'm sure more and more folks will be looking at customization in SharePoint 2007, I thought I'd lay out what the Microsoft templates are so that you don't end up creating any custom ones using our templateIDs.

Here's the list:
  ID - FOLDER (extra info)  -  Configurations

    0 - GLOBAL (SetupPath=global) - "Global template"
    1 - STS - "windows SharePoint Services Site", "Team Site", "Blank Site", "Document Workspace"
    2 - MPS - "Basic Meeting Workspace", "Blank Meeting Workspace", "Decision Meeting Workspace", "Social Meeting Workspace", "Multipage Meeting Workspace"
    3 - CENTRALADMIN - "Central Admin Site"
    4 - WIKI - "Wiki Site"
    7 - BDR - "Document Center"
    9 - BLOG - "Blog"
   20 - SPS (OBSOLETE) - "SharePoint Portal Server Site"
   21 - SPSPERS - "SharePoint Portal Server Personal Space"
   22 - SPSMSITE - "Personalization Site"
   30 - SPSTOC (OBSOLETE) - "Contents area Template"
   31 - SPSTOPIC (OBSOLETE) - "Topic area template"
   32 - SPSNEWS (OBSOLETE) - "News area template"
   33 - SPSNHOME (SubWebOnly) - "News Home template"
   34 - SPSSITES - "Site Directory area template"
   36 - SPSCOMMU (OBSOLETE) - "Community area template"
   38 - SPSREPORTCENTER - "Report Center Site"
   39 - CMSPUBLISHING (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\PUBLISHING) - "Publishing and Team Collaboration Site"
   40 - OSRV (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\OSRV) - "Shared Services Administration Site"
   47 - SPSPORTAL - "Corporate Intranet Site"
   50 - SRCHCEN - "Search Center"
   51 - PROFILES - "Profiles"
   52 - BLANKINTERNETCONTAINER - "Internet Presence Web Site"
   53 - BLANKINTERNET - "Publishing Site", "Press Releases Site", "Publishing Site"
   54 - SPSMSITEHOST - "My Site Host"
   90 - SRCHCENTERLITE (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\SRCHCENTERLITE) - "Search Center Lite"
 6221 - PWA (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\PWA) - "Project Web Access Site"
 6215 - PWS (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\PWS) - "Project Workspace"
14483 - OFFILE - "Records Repository", "Records Repository"

Hopefully this will be of some use to someone.  Do keep in mind that most things you would consider doing in SharePoint 2007 that you would have required editing Site Definitions in SharePoint 2003 can now be done using features and even solutions.  The global template even allows for "stapler" features to be applied across all existing templates, although most things like custom lists/etc would be added simply with a "staplee" feature.

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  2. ilovejolly says:

    Very sorry to interrupt you.

    This problem has puzzled me so long and I don’t know who else I can ask for help except you.

    I deployed the site to Form Authentication and I want to let the users to register on the site.After the user input the information I want the system add the user account to the site group so that all go on automatically.

    I have three ideas:

    1 Put a webpart including a CreateUserWizard control into the MOSS 2007 site’s default page.

    2 Build a ASPNET website in the MOSS2007 site(something like"http://ServerName:PortNumber/_layouts/MyWeb") including a registering page with a CreateUserWizard control.

    3 Build a individual ASPNET website.

    And I put the Group.Add method in the CreateUserWizard_CreatingUser event.

    In the first or second condition,the site will display 401 error

    or turn to the Login page of the sps site directly.(when I logon the site with a appropriate account and this will be done with no problem)

    In the third condition, I can’t manage to let the user logon the site automatically because the registering page has not been  associated with the sps site.

    Any ideas?

    With many many thanks.


  3. ChrisF says:

    Thanks for the post.  This really helps out.  Wanted to know if there was an ID associated with the Custom Tab that shows up on the Create New Page.  I am actually trying to make that tab the default tab that shows up and believe that by changing the ID of that one it will work.


  4. varkalav says:

    SPSPORTAL folder is missing in the %12%TEMPLATESiteTemplates folder, is it like CMSPUBLISHING, where it is mapped to someother folder?

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