Creative Prototyping in Unity

My colleague Alex Bennett and I gave a talk at the Unite 2016 conference in Los Angeles about how we use Unity as a creative prototyping and aggregation tool.

Unity has posted 78 videos from the conference on a YouTube list. Here is the link to our talk Creative Prototyping in Unity


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  1. Jason says:

    Great talk. Thanks for presenting. I am very intrigued by café app and the radial menus that you presented. They both looked beautiful and was a very creative use of Unity. Will you be posting prefabs or source code?

    1. j.seghers says:

      We are able to release some of the technical underpinnings, such as the Multitouch Event System, via open source channels. The café app itself is not something that will be released. The radial menus are still a work in progress and we just showed a snapshot of the design process for them.

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