Who I Am and What I Am Writing About

I am currently a developer on the Office Experience Organization (OXO) Envisioning team. We are a design-led group (which means we developers are quite outnumbered) who explore future experiences and trends in the productivity experience in a 3-7 year time window. Ours is an exploratory and aspirational view rather than a prescriptive one.

One of the vehicles we use to communicate our explorations is the production of videos. Examples of these are at the following links:

We also tell stories driven by demonstrations in Microsoft's Envisioning Center where we use custom crafted installations to bring to life slices of our visions. In doing this we often push the edges of the tools we use. One of those tools is the Unity 3D development system.

Unity is a great system for creating games and other interactive environments in both 2D and 3D. The well-worn paths are well documented both in Unity's documentation and in tutorials across the web. The edges, however, can be obscure and the web often has incomplete information about how to do the things we want to make Unity do. In my explorations I seem to push the edges rather frequently.

Much of what I will post here are the solutions I have found. I don't claim that they will be complete, but hopefully they will help the web's information about Unity be a little less incomplete.

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  1. Keep up blogging!

    I used to work with the old Envisioning Team (2007-2009), that worked on the Productivity Future Vision 2009 and 2011 videos, respectively.

    If you are on Facebook, it’d be great to be connected! My Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/daniel.kornev

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