Using node-tail to Stream VSTS Log Output

I have not done much with Typescript, JavaScript, node.js, etc. I’ve been much more involved in the compiler-driven, strong type checking, C++/C# and even Java worlds. Nonetheless, some environments dictate the terms of engagement. I’ve been setting up Continuous Integration for a set of projects written in C++ and C# for Windows and Unity 3D….

Creative Prototyping in Unity

My colleague Alex Bennett and I gave a talk at the Unite 2016 conference in Los Angeles about how we use Unity as a creative prototyping and aggregation tool. Unity has posted 78 videos from the conference on a YouTube list. Here is the link to our talk Creative Prototyping in Unity  


Multitouch Event System for Unity 5.5 (and 5.3, 5.4)

I mentioned in my first post about Unity Multitouch processing that the 5.5 beta is making some private items protected to enable better derivation. This enables integration of the Multitouch Event System possible without having to build it into UnityEngine.UI. There is another way of doing such integration–via reflection. This gets rather cumbersome and the…

Multitouch Event System for Unity 5.4.x

NOTE: I now have a version for Unity 5.3 and 5.4 which use reflection to integrate with UnityEngine.UI instead of having to build a custom verison. Please see my Unity 5.5 post for this new version. In my previous blog entry, I mentioned that the repository at had the version of my Multitouch event system…


Multitouch Event System for Unity

I get to play with some cool toys on the Envisioning team such as Surface Hub and other large display devices that can track up to 100 touch points simultaneously. These devices encourage multiple people to interact at one time. Unity, unfortunately, doesn’t handle this very well. While the Input.touches  array will show the touches, Unity’s event…

Who I Am and What I Am Writing About

I am currently a developer on the Office Experience Organization (OXO) Envisioning team. We are a design-led group (which means we developers are quite outnumbered) who explore future experiences and trends in the productivity experience in a 3-7 year time window. Ours is an exploratory and aspirational view rather than a prescriptive one. One of…