How to create an profile that uses MAPI/HTTP in Outlook 2013

I had a case recently where the customer wanted to know how to programmatically create a MAPI over HTTP profile using Outlook 2013. A few years ago I had developed a little sample to do just that, but I never posted it.  Therefore, today I’m fixing my omission.  You can view the sample code here.


How to configure an Outlook 2016 profile using MFCMAPI

The process for creating a Outlook profile in Outlook 2016 has changed. This article documents the simple steps to create one using MFCMAPI.  Note: For non-developers this is not the recommended way of creating profiles in Outlook 2016.  It is recommended that you use Outlook to create the profile as the logic for this is…


Cool MFCMAPI Feature: Logging every MAPI function called

Wanna learn Extended MAPI?  Sure, we all do.  Well most likely not, but in every project there comes a time when you need to add a feature and you don’t know where to start.  MFCMAPI can be helpful in figuring out what to do in Extended MAPI if you don’t know where to start. Here…