MAPI CDO will not be supported for Exchange 2016

I wanted to point out a significant note for some in the Exchange 2016 Architecture blog post here :  Specifically, that Exchange 2016 will not support clients using Exchange's MAPI (aka MAPI \ CDO) to access Exchange Data.  Exchange's MAPI has been out of main stream support for some time now (as it's tied to the lifecycle of Exchange 2003), so it isn't a surprise that Exchange 2016 will no longer allow it.  However, for some ISVs and vendors still relying on MAPI \ CDO this is important note.  The time to start planning and developing the next version of your product is now so you are ready when Exchange 2016 ships.

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  1. EinmalIM says:

    Hi Dave, any idea how to replace/recode IMAPIProp::GetProps to get all properties of an item without MAPI?

    GetItem with BaseShape AllProperties does not get a list of extended properties.

    1. Sorry, if I recall correctly, there is no way to get all properties using EWS like you do in MAPI.

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