Exchange 2010 RU 1 has been released

 Along with a new version of the MAPI download:

Once the new MAPI download has been installed you should no longer have to disable MAPI Encryption on the Client Access Server

Read more about it here:

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  1. Warren Brown says:

    Thank you for this. When might we expect the corresponding changes to the OutLook/MAPI libraries? In particular, the latest MAPI/CDO code fixes the GetMailboxTable method, but the latest OutLook 2010 beta/MAPI GetMailboxTable method still fails (even with the latest MFCMAPI).

  2. Outlook’s MAPI subsytem uses an older ROP that RPC Client Access does not support.  If you like to file to get this addressed please open up a CSS Support Incident using your Premier contract.

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