Exchange 2010 RU 1 has been released

 Along with a new version of the MAPI download:

Once the new MAPI download has been installed you should no longer have to disable MAPI Encryption on the Client Access Server

Read more about it here:

Comments (2)

  1. Warren Brown says:

    Thank you for this. When might we expect the corresponding changes to the OutLook/MAPI libraries? In particular, the latest MAPI/CDO code fixes the GetMailboxTable method, but the latest OutLook 2010 beta/MAPI GetMailboxTable method still fails (even with the latest MFCMAPI).

  2. dvespa says:

    Outlook’s MAPI subsytem uses an older ROP that RPC Client Access does not support.  If you like to file to get this addressed please open up a CSS Support Incident using your Premier contract.