The best subject of an email that I ever saw

From: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: Daylight saving timezone – is there any known issues?   Ah yes, Daylight Savings and Timezones.  The most straight forward construct known to man.  Well the one reader of my blog (thanks Mom) may not get why this is so funny to me but I spent more time than I ever wanted…


How to configure a HTTP endpoint for Exchange Web Services in Exchange 2010

In Exchange 2007 if you wanted to enable HTTP for Exchange Web Services all you had to do was go into Internet Information Services (IIS) and uncheck the box ‘Require secure channel (SSL)’ on the EWS virtual directory.  In Exchange 2010 RTM this is no longer possible.  IIS still gives you this option; however it…


Exchange 2010 RU 1 has been released  Along with a new version of the MAPI download: Once the new MAPI download has been installed you should no longer have to disable MAPI Encryption on the Client Access Server Read more about it here: