Who disconnected my RPC!?

Ryan Gregg has a post out there that is worth a read for anyone who is automating Outlook out of process. Here is the post : http://blogs.msdn.com/rgregg/archive/2008/10/27/application-shutdown-changes-in-outlook-2007-service-pack-2-beta.aspx  


Desktop Heap (To Outlook): I am exhausted!

I recently worked on an issue where the customer was getting this error message when attempting to export items from his Calendar to a PST: “The add-in ‘<DLL Path>’ could not be installed or loaded.  This problem may be resolved by using Detect and Repair on the Help menu.”  We were able to narrow the…


Troubleshooting Outlook COM Addins – Using Process Explorer

Process Explorer is another tool in my arsenal when troubleshooting a COM Addin loading problem.  Often times developers will think that their Addin is not loading, when in fact it is.  The problem is that the Addin is not behaving as expected (e.g. “It’s not adding my toolbar button, when it should”).  To confirm that…


Troubleshooting Outlook COM Addins – Using ProcMon

As I explained in my first post, Office uses the ProgId found in the office specific Addin registry (\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\) to activate the COM component.  Calling CoCreateInstance kicks off a series of COM calls which you can see the results of using Process Monitor (ProcMon).  ProcMon can be downloaded here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/default.aspx or if you have Windows…


Troubleshooting Outlook COM Addins – Using VBScript

Since Office uses COM to create Addins and _IDTExtensibility2 inherits from IDispatch it is available to scripting clients, a common technique I use to troubleshoot COM Addins are to see if I can create the component manually via a vbscript.  Use the following code to check whether or not COM can create your component:<code> Option Explicit…