It is wiser to find out than suppose. – Mark Twain

If you have found out, please share with the rest of us. The pen keyboard is mightier than the sword One of the coolest things the professional software tester has at his or her disposal is the ability to easily share how we do stuff. Saddly, it’s one of the things we often put off till…


Top 3 must haves for writing good bugs (er, bug reports)

Top 3 must haves for writing good bugs bug reports Brian, another tester at Microsoft, and myself were discussing bugs over the lunch the other day. Sad but true, we actually had a good time talking about what makes a good bug report. There are 3 messages you need to send to three different people….

Bing Maps SDK release – Fixing "Bad Plugin Definition" error.

There is a problem with the Bing Maps map app test tool and the latest SDK we launched for Tech Ed. The URL in the documentation is and that should work. However, some people are getting an exception. The fix is to add a &preview=1 to the URL while we work on a fix….