8 minutes on holistic test approach: A proven way to get great results from test automation

I have another short video for you here. This one explains one proven approach to getting high return on investment for your test automation.


Video: Getting good results from test automation

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  1. I. M. Testy says:

    It seems that many test automation efforts around the industry tend to focus on GUI automation, or automating

  2. Shrini says:

    What is your solution/recommendation for IT/IT Services scenario …

    Bottom up automation approach  is not feasible here due to following approach

    1.  Developm and testing is typically outsourced.

    2.  Testers and developers are from different groups/companies

    3. Test designers and automators are not same

    4.  Test automation people from IT services side are not coders … they know only how to use "easy to use" GUI tool – no background of programming or any technical stuff .. Black box/business testers with some tool knowledge  …

    5.  People hardly care about "test matrices" — an IT application typically has a set of defined platforms … there is hardly any big multi platform testing that happens


  3. Sorry for taking so long to respond shrini!

    I have some solutions for you. First, hire at least on automation savvy tester. Second hold developers accountable for delivering unit tests that provide 60%+ code coverage.

    My philosophy applies the 80/20. In other words, 80% of programming can follow this pattern to good effect. 20% is in the "managed exception" world. You just have to get creative.

    If you are doing nothing but manual testing, the sun will go out before you can prove the applications works for more than just the core scenarios. Maybe those are enough for your application.

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