Has anyone tried migrating posts from weblogs.asp.net to another .Text installation?

I've set up my own little .Text installation and I'm considering copying (not removing the existing versions) posts to my installation so that I still have a visible archive... has anyone done this before?

Happen to have created a tool or script to help the process?

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  1. Hmm… it looks like the aspnetweblogapi would help a lot…

    x.GetRecentPosts(435) seems to grab everything …

  2. Ashvil says:

    I converted 4 years of Blog postings from Word Press to .Text for http://Ashvil.net/blog

    I converted the MySQL database into an MS SQL one and used SimpleBlogService.asmx web service API to dump data into the new .Text blog.

    I read the data into a dataset and used the InsertCategoryPost of the web service API to insert the posts.

    Warm Regards,


  3. Shane Kretky says:

    were not going to loose you are we?


  4. No worries Shane, if I move… I’ll let everyone know where I went 🙂

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