Previews of articles…

A couple of weeks ago I posted my "Quick Poll" Coding 4 Fun column in its unedited form... was that useful?

If it was, I can continue to do that with my articles ... basically posting my version of them up in advance onto and then redirecting that to the real article once it ends up on MSDN.

Comments (5)

  1. Josh says:

    It was pretty cool to see it early. I am always a fan of getting a "sneak peek".

  2. Bill Burrows [MPV] says:

    Hi Duncan,

    That was real useful (keep it up). Do you want feedback on the unedited versions?


  3. Greg says:

    Yes, please continue the previews…

    Bill has a good point. Can we provide feedback on the previews?

  4. I most definitely want feedback… email is always available via

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