Updated the headlines on the VB Community page today…


I added a little blurb at the top asking folks to send in any ideas they have for this page, please use it... I try to scan the community sites regularly but I'm certainly missing a lot of stuff.

If you see something worth noting on the VB site, let me know.

Comments (5)

  1. AsbjornM says:

    Why does these pages (msdn) look so strange in Opera?

    (clipped text, the three first elements on the vb page is not alligned etc..)

  2. I need some help. I hope somebody has a solution for me. I am developing a project using VB6 and ACCESS2000. The main problem I am having has to do with getting pictures loaded in the application.

    The pictures are stored on the ACCESS database as ole objects (.jpg). In my program, when I try to load the pictures in a picture or image object, I get a message saying that the picture format is illegal. I have tried everything I know without any success.

    I tried putting the pictures in a seperate directory and using LoadPicture, and that works. The ting is this does not solve my problem, because I want the pictures to load from the database and not from a directory.

    Any ideas?

    my email is mhussainib@yahoo.com in case you have one for me.


  3. Regarding the Opera question… I’ve noticed the same thing, but I haven’t yet tried to track down why it happens. Our test team definitely includes a wide range of browsers but cosmetic issues fall lower in the priority list than anything actually blocking usage of the site…

  4. Bill says:

    Hey Duncan,

    What about a RSS feed for this page or as part of the VB site ?

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