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Whiteboard with Anders Hejlsberg

At Tech Ed 2004, Anders Hejlsberg gave an informal talk, answered attendee questions, and wrote some code examples on the whiteboard. (July 29)

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  1. OLIVE says:

    Can I be able to make Games or Game engines with C# programming….as like C and C++.Please make it as powerful as you all engineers can.I love c#….I made 5 web sites with C# and it is quite comfortable to programming.

    But I want it more and more powerful….as it can be used as for Game programming….I would like to make a 3D game and manke an game engine with C# .But I dont know is it as capable and powerful as c/c++ .If Its not please make it.

  2. Casey says:

    I’m new to VB and have a project where the user types some basic info onto a txt box and when he presses enter the txt parses itself into unique list boxes. I’m having issues with defining the breakup of the text…I will give you the code you wiil see that have a declared a variable named "space1", "space2", "space3" and "L". Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Option Explicit

    ‘—dim stmts

    Dim strFN As String

    Dim strLN As String

    Dim strHT As String

    Dim strWT As String

    Dim N As Integer

    Dim space1 As Integer

    Dim space2 As Integer

    Dim space3 As Integer

    Dim L As Integer

    Dim curHTAvg As Currency

    Dim curWTAvg As Currency

    ‘—exit button

    Private Sub cmdExit_Click()


    End Sub

    Private Sub ExtractStrings()

    strFN = Left(txtInput, space1 – 1)

    strLN = Mid(txtInput, space1 + 1, space1 + space2 + 1)

    strHT = Mid(txtInput, space1 + space1 + space2 + space2 + space3, space2 + 1)

    strWT = Right(txtInput, space3 + 1)

    End Sub

    ‘—loop code

    Private Sub txtInput_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)

    If KeyAscii = 13 And Len(txtInput) <> 0 Then

    For N = 1 To Len(txtInput)

    If Mid(txtInput, N, 1) = " " Then

    If space1 = 0 Then space1 = N

    ElseIf space2 = 0 Then space2 = N

    ElseIf space3 = 0 Then space3 = N

    End If


    ‘—-extracts strings from txt box


    ‘—-puts strings into list box

    lstFN.AddItem strFN

    lstLN.AddItem strLN

    lstHT.AddItem strHT

    lstWT.AddItem strWT

    ‘—-clears txt box after keypress

    txtInput = ""

    space1 = 0

    space2 = 0

    space3 = 0

    L = 0

    End If

    End Sub

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