We have a bit of a cluster in my poll results…

I'm running a poll on http://www.duncanmackenzie.net to see what topics I should write about next in my Coding 4 Fun column... There are 7 choices in total, but 3 are getting the lion's share of the votes...

Game Dev (a 'battleship' networked game, etc..)
Web Development (like this polling component)
Windows Control Development

It seems these three categories are by far the most popular... with gaming leading the pack...

Go vote and let me know what you want to see...

Comments (3)

  1. WillemM says:

    I have a simple solution to your problem 🙂

    Write one article for the three most voted options.

    one article on game dev

    one article on web dev

    one article on win control dev

  2. DarthPedro says:

    Actually, there’s a good series of posts on developing an online poker game in .NET by Justin Rogers (for those of you looking for game development topics). I know it’s not the same as Duncan writing them :), but for people looking for that kind of content, it’s pretty good.

    I posted about series with a list with the relevant links: http://darthpedro.blogspot.com/2004/07/net-designing-online-poker-game.html.

  3. Schneider says:

    I would like to see more on:

    DirectX (managed) & VB.NET

    Enterprise services

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