Luke Hoban blogs on…

Luke, a PM on the C# IDE team has started a blog... should be a good source of info, especially around the new Express Edition.

Intro + C# Express
... The project that I’ve been working on for most of my time at Microsoft is the Visual C# Express Edition.  So as you can probably guess, I’m really excited that the betas of the Express editions are now available for download.  It’s been really great seeing all the feedback we’ve already received on the Express idea after less than 48 hours.  ...

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  1. Gregor Suttie says:

    Hi Duncan

    Just wanted to say that the Express software is a great idea and after having downloaded it I think its even better than what I was readinng about it – the web express stuff is just superb and lets us get to look at the tools before vs 2005 is finished which is very nice.



  2. Ahmed nasr says:

    please can you send to me the Document type definition in C# for Database oracle.

  3. Luiz says:

    Hi Duncan,

    I just got the Visual C# Express Edition and I am very excited. I would like to know if you can say to me about a good book in i could buy…?



  4. Roq says:

    Hi Duncan!

    Will it be possible to develop Smart Device Applications with Visual C# Express?

    I saw that the Windows Mobile SDK:s were included in the System Requirements page.


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