Oh man… I guess this isn’t new, but I’m impressed…

I installed MCE onto my main home computer recently, which happens to have a modem that supports caller id.... and I was just sitting in front of it tonight watching a recorded episode of “The Dead Zone” when someone called... a nice transparent message floated up telling me their name and #.... and when someone else answered the phone, it just faded away...


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  1. Julie Lerman says:

    Duncan – Maybe I’m just old but it sounds kind of creepy. Though – actually convenient. However I’m not sure I do need it. When Rich and I are watching a movie and the phone rings I can guess that it is either my mom or my sister and I’m usually right!

  2. very awesome…if i had a home phone (i don’t, just a cell phone), I’d hook it up to my MCE and try that, sounds neat. I see we have a fellow fan of the Dead Zone…love that show! 😀

    Now if someone would make a cell phone "docking station" with little dumby phones you can put throughout the house that go through it when you’re at home, I’d be set 😉

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