A sneak preview of Visual Basic 2005 (article) is up on MSDN…

This new article from Ken Getz provides an overview of many of the new features in Visual Basic 2005, including "My", "Edit and Continue", "AutoCorrect", "Just My Code" and more...

Check it out here

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  1. Ooooooooooooh! That’s awesome. I love VB!

  2. David Kingery says:

    Great article! Ca’t wait for it.

  3. sTrollingBy says:

    New? It’s dated January, 2004.

  4. Yeah, date is a bit of a goof… it just went up though, really it did 🙂

  5. Joseph Rice says:

    Looks Great, Sounds Innovative….

  6. Even more information.

  7. Fernando Peluffo says:

    Visual Studio has born again! WoW

  8. Stuart Stanton-Davies says:

    It is good to see some of the productivity tools lost in VB.Net returning

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